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The importance of grinding discs and the factors that affect it

A grinding tool is a tool for flexible grinding or polishing of metal or nonmetallic materials by the rotation of abrasive cloth. It is one of the most widely used grinding tools for coated abrasives and an important Configuration, to a certain extent, affect the specific effect of the workpiece surface grinding, grinding is an indispensable part. Its working condition is under high-speed rotation, accept the impact, withstand high temperature, and accept the change of stress.
Grinding and processing of ceramic and other hard and brittle materials will soon wear and tear, resulting in processing surface quality and precision of a serious decline, which is bound to frequently repair grinding disc, not only affect the processing efficiency, increase processing costs, but also lead to product qualification rate So that in the grinding process, grinding disc is particularly important, and the impact of grinding disc has two aspects:
First, the degree of wear of the grinding disc: the greater the wear and tear, the shorter the service life of the grinding disc, then for the producer, of course, the smaller the better wear. In this regard, we can usually improve the grinding speed of the grinding machine to reduce the grinding disc wear, because the cutting speed will not only affect the workpiece processing accuracy, but also can increase the workpiece material removal rate, reduce grinding disc wear.
Second, grinding disc wear uniformity: grinding disc wear unevenness will change the grinding disc flatness, uneven grinding disc will cause uneven grinding pressure, resulting in workpiece flatness can not meet the processing requirements. And uniformity is good to ensure that in the batch processing, in a longer period of time the workpiece has a better surface accuracy, thereby reducing the grinding disc repair disk frequency, improve processing efficiency and product qualification rate, and reduce costs.
Therefore, in the beginning of the grinding machine design to be able to predict the grinding disc wear patterns, and further optimize the structure of the grinding machine to ensure that the grinding plate flatness, which can reduce the grinding disc dressing frequency, improve processing efficiency and product qualification rate, So that the grinding process becomes more smooth, the effect has become more perfect.