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How is the vibratory grinder grinding?

First, vibration grinding machine
With the vibration grinding machine tools and abrasives, from the workpiece on a layer of very thin surface layer of finishing method, known as grinding.
Vibration grinding machine grinding, the workpiece and the study of the middle of the disc into the emery or other abrasive, the emery crushed, the workpiece surface rupture, when the grinding plate and the workpiece relative movement, due to abrasive irregular and it is grinding The surface of the disc and the workpiece rolling, the workpiece surface rupture of pieces and grinding of the pieces were "pushed", so repeat, and gradually make the workpiece surface into a smooth and sophisticated plane. According to whether the grinding agent with the working fluid, can be divided into wet grinding and dry grinding.
Wet grinding method processing capacity, a Yin is rough, wet grinding is the pear-like dark side.
Dry grinding method of processing a small amount, usually finishing, grinding in the way to get the bright mirror.
Second, grinding agent
The abrasive is a mixture of abrasive and water or oil. According to the workpiece hardness and processing margin, you can use different specifications of the abrasive.
Mill by its source can be divided into natural abrasive and artificial abrasive. Natural abrasives include diamond, corundum, garnet and so on. Artificial abrasives are artificial diamond, artificial corundum, silicon carbide, boron and so on.
Diamond carbon (C) crystal, the proportion between 3.4-3.6, Vickers hardness of 10,000 or more, is the hardest. As the diamond is expensive, so in the vibration grinding machine processing, often used by the size of the micron-level diamond powder prepared by the grinding paste, astringent alloy or ceramic materials such as grinding and polishing.
Corundum alumina (Al2O3) crystal, the proportion of natural corundum between 3.9-400, the proportion of artificial corundum between 3.2-4.0, alumina has a greater toughness, Vickers hardness of about 2000 or more.
Silicon carbide (SlC) of the crystalline thin plate, Vickers hardness of about 3000, due to the presence of impurities and often with a variety of colors. Common for green and black. Black silicon carbide content of about 98%, green about 98.5%, less toughness of silicon carbide, green silicon carbide is more brittle than black, suitable for processing a variety of brittle materials.
Boron carbide (B4C) has a specific gravity of about 2.5, hardness exceeding silicon carbide and close to diamond. For high hardness of the workpiece grinding process.
Artificial diamond grinding paste is made of artificial diamond powder mixture of other raw materials from the preparation. Paste for the water-soluble nature, with the ideal lubrication. Dilute with water and glycerol when used. The manufacturers produced by the grinding paste, according to different specifications, are accompanied by different colors, easy to use when the identification.
Third, hand grinding
Manual grinding is generally carried out on a grinding plate. Flat for the square, the size of 300 × 300mm or 350 × 350mm, the material used cast iron, the accuracy level should not be less than - "level. Flat three general group, the use of regular inspection must ensure that the accuracy of grinding the workpiece to use evenly grinding The surface of the plate, repair the corresponding three flat plate each other on the calibration, only often to maintain the accuracy of the board in order to obtain better grinding quality.
Four, grinding machine
In the case of mass production and mechanical seal maintenance, it is necessary to use a grinding machine. The grinding machine is a special equipment for grinding the plane, according to its structure type mechanical grinding machine and electromagnetic vibration grinding machine. In the mechanical grinding machine with single-sided grinding machine, double-sided grinding machine. Some of the higher degree of automation of the grinding machine, you can automatically press and automatically measure the working thickness, grinding efficiency is higher.