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What are the advantages of magnetic grinding machines?

Magnetic grinding machine and the traditional grinding machine is different from the magnetic grinding machine can be a one-time completion of precision parts (such as zinc alloy, lathe parts, mobile phone shell, screws, die castings, stamping parts, knives and other metal parts) Of the deburring polishing, magnetic grinding machine does not affect the precision of the workpiece, a group only a few minutes, the magnetic steel needle can be used repeatedly. Do not use other grinding machine supplies, high cost.
Magnetic grinding machine is in the traditional grinding machine shortcomings, re-do a better innovation
1, the traditional grinding machine can only do some surface cleaning, but the magnetic grinding machine with a magical magnetic field strength of stainless steel needle grinding material to produce accelerated rotation, high efficiency to achieve precision grinding to remove the burr and polishing and cleaning effect
2, the traditional grinding mill polishing a few hours can be completed, but the magnetic grinding machine is not, a 3 to 15 minutes to complete. And can replace the workpiece in the operation of the machine; simple and safe operation, low cost, less supplies (stainless steel needle for the permanent).
3, magnetic grinding machine operation is relatively easy, one person can operate several machines, low cost, no pollution, small footprint.
4, the traditional grinding machine will damage the surface of the workpiece, easy to make the shape of the workpiece easy to change, the impact on the degree of precision, but the magnetic grinding machine will never! Exceptional quick removal of burr ability, small bore, inner tube, clip dead angle can be highly efficient grinding, no deformation and injury surface, does not affect the accuracy.