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Automatic maintenance of automatic selection of vibration grinding machine

Automatic electrometer vibration grinding machine for automobile and motorcycle accessories, engineering machinery, aerospace, textile machinery, general parts, hardware tools, black and non-ferrous metal stamping parts, die casting, precision casting and forging surface deburring, Oil traces, polished polished. According to the workpiece material and shape, you can choose a different grinding stone and grinding aids, through high frequency vibration and spiral eddy current rolling, so that the workpiece and grinding stone or ball, abrasive and other closely mixed to improve the workpiece surface finishing and light brightness.
First, the work performance:
1, the use of international advanced spiral vibration, three-dimensional vibration of the processing principle;
2, the larger amplitude, flip strong, high cutting force;
3, for large quantities, small and medium size workpiece surface polishing, chamfering, remove the burr, glossy light processing, improve efficiency of 6 to 10 times, saving about 1/3;
4, susceptible to deformation or complex shape, hole dead angle workpiece can get uniform grinding quality;
5, after the light is not destroyed parts of the original shape and dimensional accuracy, improve the original parts roughness 1-2;
6, for aluminum, copper, aluminum, iron, white iron, zinc, magnesium alloy and other metal to the burr, to the wind, chamfer, polishing, especially for the polishing of stainless steel pieces;
7, to achieve automation without homework, easy to operate, in the course of work, at any time check the processing of parts;
8, can automatically separate the abrasive and the workpiece to achieve automatic selection of materials, saving labor costs;
9, especially for metal materials as a grinding medium for finishing light decoration;
10, can be implemented two-speed adjustment or stepless speed regulation, amplitude adjustable range of 0.8-3mm;
11, grinding machine lined with red polyurethane (ie PU plastic) polyurethane adhesive has good wear resistance and acid and alkali resistance, the higher the cost.