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Centrifugal grinding polishing machine during use must pay attention to the three issues

1, the weight of the drum, the number of symmetrical centrifugal grinding and polishing machine equipped with four small drums, grinding processing, the four small cartons of the material should be equivalent weight; sometimes the processing of parts less, you can only use them Of the two, the need to pay special attention to is: the two drums should be placed symmetrically in the rolling body, and the weight of the two drums should also be equivalent to wear, to prevent the centrifugal imbalance, the machine violently swing, resulting in malfunction.
2, the drum of the abrasive is not full of centrifugal grinding and polishing machine roller and drum grinding machine roller, grinding and polishing processing, the roller do not fill the material, the material accounted for the volume of the drum 40 ~ 50% of the best results.
3, the weight of the material and the grinding time in the drum The weight of the material (workpiece, abrasive, water, etc.) in each drum should correspond to the size of the drum itself; in the working time, the wet grinding time is not more than 60 minutes , Dry grinding to not more than 30 minutes is appropriate, if necessary to continue to work, the drum container should be the temperature does not exceed 80 degrees is appropriate, if the temperature is too high, will give the workpiece within the container, cylinder liner PU belt To bad consequences, we can change the water in the middle, for grinding agent on the basis of continued operations.