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How to improve the efficiency and quality of the polishing machine

Although the research and development of domestic metallographic sample preparation has been several decades of history, and has made some achievements, but compared with foreign countries there are still obvious shortcomings.
The surface of the sample is prone to heat and darkness, and will continue to thicken the deformation of the disturbance layer, the rapid polishing of a good sample to bring trouble. Different materials, need to take different measures.
The automatic development of the automatic polishing machine, can automatically control the flow of coolant, the entire operation process using fully automated mode, saving the manual and effectively improve the efficiency and quality of research.
General customers, whether in the choice of automatic polishing machine or installation are very seriously, because these are the future use of the polishing machine. Today for everyone to sum up some experience to the installation staff reference.
1. First of all need a comprehensive analysis of the installation site of the soil pressure, water level, etc., must meet the installation requirements of the polishing machine can determine the installation program.
2. When installing the polishing machine as far as possible to clean the ground, so as not to install the machine is not easy to clean.
3. Installation to avoid high-voltage transmission lines, to avoid interference with the electronic polishing machine.
4. Need to have an independent power supply, to avoid sharing with other high-power electrical appliances.
5 polishing machine installation requires a relatively spacious installation site, there is enough room for operation is very important.
6. Rainy, moisture, salt and other areas of the installation of polishing machine can not be ordinary mud, or need to consider ventilation and drainage and many other issues.
7. Install the polishing machine shall not be installed in the tuyere, otherwise in the wind, the polishing machine can not be a good operation.
In fact, the choice of automatic polishing machine installation location is very important, only the correct choice of installation location, in order to ensure the life of the polishing machine.