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Overview and characteristics of magnetic distributor

Magnetic separator, as the name suggests, through the magnet adsorption characteristics, to achieve the separation of magnetic and non-magnetic material. The introduction of the magnetic separator is mainly used with the grinding equipment, separation of iron and other magnetic adsorption products and grinding materials (grinding material non-magnetic) separation. Through the motor to drive the plastic track, the circumference of the rotation, and the grinding machine access device powerful magnets, adsorption products, the upper plane to the discharge port are not placed magnet, the material naturally fall in the installation slot.
For a large number of iron products, such as wrenches; sleeves; hexagonal; measuring tools, etc., if the dependence on human separation is very cumbersome, through this machine can be automatically separated, and can be moved to connect multiple vibration grinding machine; The machine can adjust the level to facilitate the connection of all kinds of capacity vibration grinding machine, and can adjust the speed, control the product discharge speed.