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The development of the vibrating screen industry is compatible with the development of society

Vibrating sieve from the beginning to the present has undergone several major changes in development, and now has become a more mature screening equipment, and for the industrialization of China's progress has made a great contribution. Vibrating screens are mainly used in industrial applications, such as: chemical, pharmaceutical, construction, feed, sewage treatment and many other industries. We are very clear that a country's industrial development level directly determines the country's economic development level. And now the rapid development of vibrating screen industry will undoubtedly bring great social benefits to our social development. Although our country's screening equipment has been significantly improved, but we are in the world's top level compared to Germany or there is a big gap in the past few decades, so our vibration industry still needs a lot of development, This requires us to constantly improve their technical level.
Vibration machinery industry has made remarkable achievements in the development of the industry leading enterprises and units through continuous human, material and financial input, making the vibrating screen, crusher, vibration feeder and other representative of the vibration machinery and equipment technology Such as mining, metallurgy, coal, petrochemical, machinery, electric power, water conservancy, civil engineering, construction, and so on. It has been widely used in industrial and mining enterprises. Building materials, railways, road transport, light industry, food and grain processing, farmland farming, bioengineering, information technology and other departments as well as in the daily life of human life, tens of thousands of vibration machines and vibrating screen instruments have been used to complete many Different process.
In recent years due to the country to promote foreign cooperation, to encourage domestic enterprises to go out, dare to challenge the international top level, enterprises and related R & D institutions through cooperation with foreign brands and exchanges, constantly closer to the domestic vibrating screen, vibration machinery industry equipment With the international leading level of distance, even in some areas, the domestic technology is still in the lead. I believe that with the upgrading of technology, the domestic vibration machinery industry will have more development, new technology innovation, will reduce production costs, stimulate the industrial chain, promote foreign trade, which has great benefits to society.