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Grinding machine application industry

Vibration grinding machine, three yuan vibration grinding machine, roller grinding and polishing machine main application industry
Bearing industry
1, suitable for rapid removal of heat treatment after the bearing ring rolling surface of the scale;
2, suitable for stamping, combined iron holder chamfer deburring, polishing. For the copper holder with a decorative process completely replace the original pickling, chamfering, deburring, polishing not only improve product quality, but also improve the working environment, in line with national environmental requirements.
3, suitable for bearing cylindrical roller, tapered roller, spherical roller, needle roller surface polishing, greatly improve the surface roughness and brightness.
Auto parts industry
1, for a variety of automotive stamping parts, gears, die-cast aluminum shell pieces, cast copper pieces, crankshaft, camshaft chamfer, deburring.
2, for a variety of automotive engines, diesel engines, fuel injection pump a variety of plunger pieces, the valve even, piston ring, crankshaft, camshaft surface polishing.
Powder industry:
1, applicable to all sizes of powder metallurgy (including NdFeB) materials chamfer, deburring, polishing.
Mint industry:
1, for the mint industry to create a variety of sizes of gold, silver, coins polished.
Hardware industry:
1, applicable to all kinds of metal stamping parts such as industrial sprockets, chains and other parts of the chamfer, deburring, polishing.
Textile industry:
1, applicable to all kinds of textile machines and spinning yarn, cloth contact with the various parts of the chamfer, deburring, polishing.
Aero Engines Industry:
1, suitable for aircraft engine blades, standard; shorts pieces of the chamfer, deburring, polishing.
Jewelery Industry:
1, apply to all kinds of gold, silver, platinum, alloy, gemstone jewelry polishing.
medical instruments:
1, applicable to all kinds of stainless steel, alloy steel medical equipment chamfer, deburring, polishing.
Such as medical surgical instruments, endoscopic parts, artificial cobalt alloy joints, artificial gold heart valve, needle, syringes.
Electrical components:
1, apply to a variety of relay copper pieces, silver, gold contacts chamfer, deburring, polishing.
Die Casting Industry:
1, bike handle. Riser, and a variety of zinc alloy, aluminum alloy pressure to run, deburring, polishing.
2, glasses industry, glasses frames, glasses frame.