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Grinding machine, abrasive and the choice between the workpiece and the importance of cooperation

Grinding machine, abrasive and the choice between the workpiece and the importance of cooperation
Customers in the process of grinding often encounter this or that kind of problem, such as customers grinding out the workpiece artifacts black, not bright or was playing flowers and so on. Grinding through the analysis found that: mostly because the customer wrong choice of grinding materials or grinding machinery caused.
For example, a customer who produces luggage hardware, his products are zinc alloy die castings, he used corundum grinding stone to mill, the results more grinding more black; there is a stainless steel circular gasket, the use of vibration grinding machine To the front, in the grinding process, there are many gaskets overlap together, the high rate of poor and so on. The emergence of these problems is closely related to the three elements that they do not handle three important grinding. Since it is so important, what is the three elements of grinding? This is the grinding machine, grinding materials and the workpiece, only between the three very good match, in order to play a multiplier effect, the following three elements were a simple analysis:
First, grinding machine
In the surface treatment, the commonly used mechanical vibration grinding machine, magnetic grinding machine, roller grinding machine, centrifugal grinding machine, eddy current type polisher, which in turn vibration grinding machine and roller grinding machine the most widely used. Vibratory grinding machine is easy to operate, for a variety of parts small, medium and large quantities of processing; drum grinding machine is an economical grinding and polishing machine, spare parts and grinding media in the closed drum in the level of rotation, Slow, commonly used in small size, thin parts of the various parts, especially those larger parts of the plane, the use of vibration grinding machine easy to overlap, more suitable for drum grinding machine; centrifugal grinding machine is actually high-speed drum light Machine, it is generally driven by the market four (minicomputer also has two) centrifugal polishing barrels high-speed rotation, friction, polishing effect is good, commonly used in vibrating polisher, drum-type polisher is not easy to process small parts ; Eddy current machine is also a high-speed polishing machine, through the chassis rotation, the formation of a strong over-current friction movement, for small parts to batch front, deburring, polishing. Magnetic grinder latest research and development of intelligent intelligent operation is simple, time-saving manpower, specifically for small parts to the front, deburring, polishing design.
Second, the customer workpiece
Different parts of the material, different specifications of the parts, different requirements of the parts, also requires a different machine and grinding media. For example, die-casting of zinc alloy pieces need to go to the scale, should be used resin grinding stone; and stamping out of the stainless steel parts need to go to the front, to burr, then you should use a large cutting force of corundum grinding stone ... ...
Third, grinding materials
Grinding materials, including grinding stone, polishing stone, abrasive, gloss agent, cleaning agents and other grinding and polishing materials, each material has its own application, such as plastic grinding stone for materials such as soft materials, such as aluminum, zinc, copper Plastic, etc .; ceramic grinding stone for materials such as hard materials, such as iron, stainless steel, white iron, steel, etc .; polishing material for the iron parts, need to use iron gloss agent, polishing material for copper parts, need to use Bronze gloss agent, hand tools Cutting agent for all kinds of wrenches, sleeves, approved Tsui to black film, to the skin, if used for other parts, will likely corrode, destroy parts and so on. Summing up the above case, the customer as long as the full understanding of the three elements of grinding performance, features, can effectively match, so as to achieve the grinding process with less results.